2nd May 2011Posted in: Gallery Comments Off on Waiting

We drove down the road, our hearts beating faster than the car was driving. “One mile left,” said Lola, our G.P.S. system. You could see the palm trees sweating from the humidity of the air, as we all fought over the view out of the driver’s seat window, although the sight was beautiful out of our own. Closer and closer, the excitement was only building. But, it was all coming to an end, once we had passed multiple signs, driven up many hills, and gone under and endless number of bridges. After seventeen hours, I was getting tired of waiting. But the drive, and the wait, was now history, since we had just arrived at our destination. Walt Disney World, Where dreams come true. I now know that driving to Disney World is worth it, because the magic you find there is priceless. Whether you come from across the road, or across the country, arriving at Disney World will always be a magical moment.

Halle, 11, USA

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