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Picture Perfect

Last summer my family and I took a camping trip to Acadia National Park, Maine. It took about 18 hours to get there because we live in Ohio. One of the days we were there we hiked up a mountain. It wasn’t that big, but it took us about two hours. Since it was the middle of the summer we were burning up. The trail was really cool because there were no railings or harnesses. There were just a couple of metal ladders and some hand and foot holds at certain parts of the trail, otherwise, there was nothing to hold on to. The whole way we had to keep pushing my brother to go on because apparently he’s afraid of heights. He promised that the moment we got to the ground that he would kiss it.

Finally, we could see the top. Just a little bit further. I had made it to the top! When I looked up I froze. My eyes were wide open. The most beautiful sight I had ever seen was right in front of me! We could see miles away into the ocean as blue as the sky on a summer day. We could see many little islands surrounding us. It was so cool! It didn’t look real. I really enjoyed it. The hike was so worth it! That was truly a magical moment.
(P.S. Sure enough my when we got to the bottom my brother did kiss the ground!)

Molly, 12, USA

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