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1st May 2011Posted in: Magical Moments Comments Off on Finally, a 9.0
Finally, a 9.0

My magical moment was at a gymnastics meet when I finally accomplished my goal of scoring a “9” on one event. This came true one Sunday when slowly the judge showed my score of a “9.1” after I completed my best beam routine I had ever done. I could hear my parents loudly cheering for me as I perfectly stuck my dismount. I was absolutely ecstatic and so were the rest of my team and my coach. At the exact moment it felt like I had just won the whole meet! Usually people struggle on beam, but it is always my best event and I felt like I had just proved how easy it could be. I never thought I would do this well, but during that one meet at Gym of Ohio I did and I will never forget how magical it was.

Grace, 12, USA

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