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1st May 2011Posted in: Magical Moments Comments Off on My brother
My brother

I hadn’t seen my brother in months with him away at college.  So for the first time we were going to bring him back for fall break.  He goes to Michigan so it was a three hour drive there and a three hour drive back.  I wasn’t very sedate in the car. I always fidget during car rides, but this time it was too much.  I was jumping around in my seat like a kangaroo that had chugged 10 cups of coffee.  Yeah, I was ready to get there.  We finally got to Ann Arbor which meant we were only a few minutes away from his dorm. What should have only taken a few minutes took more like ten because my mom took a wrong turn and got lost on the streets of Ann Arbor.  Finally we got to his dorm and my mom called him so he would know that we were there.  He walked around the corner and I jumped on him.  He still looked exactly the same as when he left.  He even smelled the same.  This is my magical moment.

Karl, 12, USA

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