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1st May 2011Posted in: Magical Moments Comments Off on The Trip of a Lifetime
The Trip of a Lifetime

The first time I visited Chicago was a magical moment for me. My whole family went and we stayed for two days. I was overwhelmed at first because the buildings were as tall as skyscrapers and everywhere I turned there were huge crowds of people. It was also so much louder than I was used to; I thought my head would explode! Although, I eventually got used to it. We went shopping all day and went to dinner. My eyes grew when I saw all of the stores and all of the beautiful clothes, I was mesmerized! The next day we went to a baseball game. The stadium was huge and beautiful! It was a new stadium so it was clean and the field was really pretty. We saw the Cubs play and it was a great game. They went into extra innings, and they won! I loved every moment that I was there and I hope that I can go back soon.

Katie, 11, USA

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