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Divorce Basketball

A magical moment from my life would be when I was playing basketball in my driveway a few days after my parents had announced that they were getting divorced. I was completely devastated by the announcement. I felt like I was trapped inside a miniature box with no escape, no hope. Then, I began to feel angry. Sometimes, I felt like there was smoke bellowing out of my ears like in a cartoon. I felt like kicking something over, or doing something to get my anger out. So, I went outside to play basketball, which always helped me clear my mind. It was a little dreary outside, dark clouds were looming overhead, but no rain, the trees were swaying in the chilly, early, March wind, the snow mound at the end of the driveway was about 3 feet high, but the grass had patches of dirt and mud where it wasn’t concealed by snow. I wasn’t hitting my shots, so all the anger that I had held in the last few days filled up inside of me like a torrent of rage that rushed throughout my body and I exploded like a bomb. I punted the basketball into the backyard, where it rolled in the snow and splashed into a puddle of mud, and screamed. All my anger, my fury, rode with that scream into the air. I slouched down against the brick wall of my house and felt the tears well up in my eyes and pour down my face like a river of sadness. I slowed my breathing and looked up. The clouds were beginning to clear, showing the sun, and woodpeckers drilled at their trees as the shadow cast from the trees lifted. A bird chirped, and then another, and another, until a whole flock of birds seemed to join its brothers and sisters in a song. I realized that the world was sending me a message. I realized that everything was going to get better and I would still be happy, even with divorced parents. This was a very magical moment for me

Will, 12, USA

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