My Magical Moment
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My Magical Moment

When I was in second grade I had never scored a goal for my travel soccer team before. I knew I had what it would take to score but I always blew my opportunities. I would wish for a goal every   game. I wanted to know what it felt like when your ball hits the back of the net. One day my wish was fulfilled when one of my friends crossed the ball to me. Snap there was a flash in my head telling me this is your chance you’ve got this. I knew I could not miss this shot. This was my chance I put everything I had learned into that shot and boy did it pay off. I scored; I was paralyzed with excitement and shock. I thought to myself you did it, you scored. I shouted as loud as a fog horn with the shimmer of happiness in my eyes. I have never been happier in my life. This moment has given me more self confidence and has taught me to never stop following my dreams and goals

Neils, 12, USA

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