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22nd Mar 2011Posted in: Magical Moments Comments Off on My Dog Taz
My Dog Taz

My magical moment is about the time when I got my dog Taz.

It was a bright, sunny, Friday afternoon and I had just arrived home from school. My mom said we were going on a short trip. So she loaded my family up in the car and we drove and drove and drove. Finally we arrived in the parking lot of burger king. I saw the car parked next to us was my cousins and they had a DOG sitting on their lap. They jumped out of the car, ran over to my dad and shouted “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” My brothers and I ran over to see my dad’s new puppy and I asked “What are you going to name him?” He said “I think i will name him Taz!” So we loaded Taz up in the car and drove home. That’s my magical moment about the time we got our new puppy Taz.

Kensie, 13, USA

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