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21st Mar 2011Posted in: Magical Moments Comments Off on Me and My Sister Made Park Basketball History
Me and My Sister Made Park Basketball History

One day me and my family went to a park… me and my older sister, Michelle, were playing a basketball game and we got tired of the game (probably because I was beating her!) Then we made a bet, To see who could make a basketball shot from off of the court by the woods we were in the middle of the court but off to the side off of the court, of course the oldest HAD to go first… she threw the ball and it went around the basket ring a few times and it went in! She says “Try and beat that!” and I threw the ball and… SWISH! The ball goes in! Then, we start jumping and screaming with joy! And that was the best Magical moment I had! Especially with my awesome older sister!

Kimberly, 12, USA

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