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20th Mar 2011Posted in: Magical Moments Comments Off on Seasons

I love waking up and smelling that fresh air, the beginning of a brand new season is such a magical moment for me. I can never choose a favorite season when someone asks me , sure I like spring and fall but summer and winter are just so much fun. Really my favorite season is the beginning of the seasons. From summer to fall you can smell the change, the air turns crisp and cool and colorful leaves fill the ground, but as the season goes on I get sick of it, so when beautiful white flakes fall from the sky and fill the ground and the wind pierces my cheeks I love it. But then again I get tired of that season so when spring comes and the flowers show up as the green grass shows itself I become so happy when I fill my lungs with the fresh air. Once again as you guessed it I get sick of that and so when summer comes and schools out, the warm air makes me smile as my cheeks get red by the sun. The seasons make me so happy and remind me of life and that is why they are my magical moment

Margaret, 13, USA

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