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20th Mar 2011Posted in: Magical Moments Comments Off on Lost with my Best Friend
Lost with my Best Friend

Hello Friends,
I would like to share this magical moment with you all. Here goes… It all started when I was at the mall (a mall is a place where several stores are located together) with my best friend and we were walking around with her mom as well. My friend’s mom was in a store and there was a huge crowd running into the store. They all were tall, big and they got us separated from her mom. When we realized we were lost I started freaking out I couldn’t believe we were lost. My friend was trying to calm me down and she did. Several hours later after looking in each store we found her mom and we were both thankful. That was the time I got lost in the mall with my best friend. But I will always remember it’s better to be with a friend than to be alone. That’s why I love my best friend!

Gabby, 13, USA

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