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19th Mar 2011Posted in: Magical Moments Comments Off on When I learned to ride a bike
When I learned to ride a bike

It was a great feeling, riding down this giant hill with the wind flying by me. Of course it took me awhile to get to this point. When I was little I was always on my bike. My only problem was those pesky training wheels. One day after getting of my bike realizing I didn’t need those tiny wheels. I went inside to my dad and we started right away. I remember the image of my dad unscrewing those childish wheels. When I started my training I wanted my dad to balance me, he would for a little and then he would let go. I got so scared that I would turn into the grass and tip over safely. After I got good at the small hill I moved on to a much larger one. My first time I crashed leaving me a scar that I still have today. Then I successfully completed this hill. I was so happy but then I realized, looks like I have to walk back up.

Michael, 12, USA

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