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The Amazing Catch

On a rather chilly day last fall, I was in center-field playing softball. I was just kicking at the grass around me, the sun peeking out from behind a cloud every once in a while blinding me. I was waiting desperately for something to happen. A girl had just struck out and another girl from the other team came out to bat. She hit the bat against home plate, lifted the bat on to her shoulder and awaited the pitch from my pitcher. The pitcher took a breath, wound up, and let go. The ball went sailing through the air and the tension grew. A split second later the girl swung and the ball went sailing. After I got out of my little daydream, I realized the ball was coming right in my direction. My mind started spinning and my legs started moving. I ran about ten steps and stuck my glove out. 2 seconds later I felt a thud and heard the sweet sound of a softball against leather. I looked down and the ball was there. I was so happy! The crowd was cheering and my teammates were telling me good job. That was a great day.

Margaret, 12, USA

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