My Wish
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My Wish

Sometime, as every kid does, I create a world from my imagination, of a magical moment from my early childhood. Maybe we don’t remember the first months of our life, but I tried to recreate these moments in my minds imagination from stories about me, which my parents told me.

I wish I’ll never lose my youth, and in many years time, stay the same as now. I want to live this day with love, hope and happiness in my heart. Tomorrow I will do the same… and again… and again… until my life comes to its end.

Hmm… I think every kid is a magical moment! And to bring joy into people’s life is the most marvellous gift to receive and give to each other.

With all my love, so long my friends around the world, souls who are dreaming of a world with peace and smiles.

Andreea, 14, Romania

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