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A Friend In Need

Dear friends!

I would like to share the magical moment in my life with you.
One year ago my friend needed help. She had a problem with Math. She didn’t understand scale.
She looked for somebody who could help her. I was looking for somebody with her. She asked everyone from her class, but nobody had time.
I was sad because I couldn’t help her and I also had a problem with scale.
I was resigned and I sat down on a bench in front of our house.
I wondered about the scale again but I really didn’t understand it. I tried to recall the scale and I remembered! Next, we went to her apartment and I explained her the scale.

She told me that the next day she had a test on the scale so that’s why she was looking for help. Two days later when we met at school she told me that she passed the test and she received six. I was very happy and I think that it’s worthwhile to help a friend.
It’s a very magical feeling because I could help someone else.

Ania K, 13, Poland

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