A mother cat, a wonderful example
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A mother cat, a wonderful example

Dear Friends,

I remember every day, what my mother says, “Love is very important “.
That’s why I try to share my love with my family, friends and my pets too.

I have a cat, her name is Zuzu. She’s always going to the garden trying to hunt down a mouse.
In the summer she gave birth to 4 little kittens and I saw every day what a wonderful mother she is. She cleaned, fed and protected her kittens in dangerous moments.

I am thinking about humans: are human mothers the same? I hope so, because every kid around the world needs a hug, needs love, needs to be protected. The mother’s heart is the child’s schoolroom. Isn’t it?
Zuzu, my black cat, can be a model for all. And I’m very proud!

P.s. Look at Zuzu in the picture. She’s so cute, isn’t she?

Cosmin, 13, Romania

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