His lifeless face lit up
7th Oct 2010Posted in: Gallery Comments Off on His lifeless face lit up
His lifeless face lit up

Dear Friends,
I would like to share with you the most magical moment……. a moment that touched my heart and left an unforgettable mark there.
This event took place a few years back but I still remember it just as well as the day was just yesterday. I once went to an institute of visually handicapped people to explore and get a survey. There was a patient in one of the wards who had a book pressed closed to his chest. I got to know that that man was very fond of reading books before he lost his eyesight. I took the book from him and started to read the book aloud.
The way his lifeless face lit up when I started to read the book, a feeling of sympathy and compassion ran through me. That was the moment that I realized that a small deed can bring a lot of happiness to others.

Rimsha T, 12, Lahore, Pakistan

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