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My visit to Armenia

Two years ago I visited my ethnic country Armenia. There are lots of residents who are relatives of my father. It was probably the most fascinating and remarkable trip in my life. My family and I traveled all over the country. We saw plenty of mysterious sightseeing’s there. One building which I remember best of all was the first Christian church in the world which appeared in the 4th century AD. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be preserved at all.

During our two weeks stay in Armenia we lived in its capital Yerevan. So every evening my father, mother and I walked through the downtown. In the center of it there was an extraordinary fountain show. The water streamed both in the bottom and top directions, while various kinds of melodic music were being played. I was just impressed by it and I’m sure that I’ll never forget those evening water miracles which gave me lots of impressions and amazing feelings.

Marko D, 16, Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine

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