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My time at the hospital

When I was six years old I had surgery on my cheek.  The doctors cut my cheek.  I was so scared but then I met the doctors and they were so very nice, so were the nurses.  When I went I was crying, but my mom made me happier.  So I went, then the doctors and anesthesiologists put me to sleep, and they started.  When I came out of the surgery I woke up in a recovery room.  I saw my mom sitting in a chair and my dad standing up.  Then I found out that I had to spend the night at the hospital and my cheek was swollen and I wouldn’t be able to talk for 2 days.  I was sad because I LOVE to talk.  But I got over it. When I was recovering I had to take medicine every 4 hours.  I hated the taste, but then a giant castle came in filled with toys and stuffed animals.  I was so excited.  I got a giant stuffed animal and I still have it today.  When I felt better I went home.  THE END

Kathryn G, 11, USA

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