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5th Oct 2010Posted in: Magical Moments Comments Off on The soup kitchen
The soup kitchen

My Magical Moment was when I worked at a soup kitchen with my grandparents in St. Louis, MO.  When we got there to set up, other volunteers were there cooking food, but no one was sitting down.  Then, at 6:00, people started coming in.  It had been raining that day, and many people were soaking wet.  Some people had even been waiting outside the building.  Most of them were adults, but there were some kids.  They looked the same as me, and they played, talked, and ate just like anyone else would.  I realized then that it didn’t matter what you have, because we are all the same.  It also made me kind of sad though.  Some people had sleeping bags and backpacks, and I was really glad that I had a home.  Everyone we served food to was very grateful, and you could tell they were happy to have a good meal.  It made me feel like I was helping a lot just by doing a little deed.

Margaret N, 11, USA

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