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5th Oct 2010Posted in: Magical Moments Comments Off on When I first met my dog
When I first met my dog

When I first met my dog, it was amazing his cute little brown eyes, and soft tan fur.  I was so excited!  We didn’t buy him, but we babysat him for a few months, but then the owner had come back from vacation.  When she took him home a few weeks later, he was so used to having kids around, so she gave him to us.  I was so happy when we got to keep him!  I couldn’t wait the next couple days!

I loved my dog very much and had fun with him every time I saw him and his cute face!  My dog got along with one of my cats because the other one was territorial.

I miss my dog very much but last year my dog was hit by a car and had died.  It was sad and upsetting for everybody in the family, but he is in a better place now and is looking down on us.  I and my family are just going to have to accept that he is up there with God.

Maggie B, 11, USA

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