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The Sound in the Engine

It was about thirty degrees and the temperature was dropping. A snowy rain lay on the grass as a wind howls by. My kindhearted mother doing dishes, my hard working father at work, and my little sister doing a school project. As I sit at the table doodling the wind starts up again. We had returned from the only Wall-mart in town about twenty minutes sooner.
 Suddenly we heard a small, high-pitched whine. “What was that?” my mother questioned. “I’m not sure”, I answered. We thought it was the neighbor’s cat until the same sound came again. We stepped outside and heard it once more but this time it was louder. It was dark out and could only see my mother’s car and small lights from homes down the street glistening in the distance like stars in the sky.

I, the smallest in the family, was in shorts and a striped t-shirt. My sister in pajamas and my mother in work clothes were shivering in the cold. I was 9 and the smallest of my father, mother, and younger sister. That night I was wound up and hyper. My sister was very talkative that evening and my mother was the way she would usually be.

The meow came once again and that’s when we realized where it was. It was in my mother’s car. My sister joked, “Look mom, the car’s meowing!” We stepped over to the car and opened the hood. There was a flash of grey and then nothing but an engine. We began looking hoping to get the cat out. I crawled underneath the car, saw it, tried to grab it, but failed. In then crawled into a small hole that led into the car. My mother and sister went to open the car doors and I remained under the car in case it came back out. My mother got hold of it and took it inside. “Let me hold it, let me hold it”, my sister begged, “let me hold it”.

Overnight it slept in my parent’s room after it was fed. That next morning we drove to PET-CO. The manager was not sure if to take the cat and said it might need shots and stuff. She finally agreed to take the cat and we went to get cat food for the cats we already had. On our way out of the store I saw a man holding the cat and I left the store knowing I helped save a life and gave it a good home.

Anders C, 14, Ohio, USA

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