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Do you have a special day that you will never forget? I remember my special day like it happened yesterday. My sister was two years old and I was six years old in first grade. Maria and I were in our room, in our tailor on West Salem Rd. I was just getting finished with the fifth story I was reading to Maria. She was a cute little girl with her long, blond hair put up in pig tales all the time.

Then my mom called Maria and me for dinner, we were having meatloaf again. My moms’ meat loaf smelt like a lot of garlic powder. It looked like an almost dried up mud puddle that was still gooey. Her meat loaf felt like a soggy sponge. Then Maria and I had to taste it. It tasted how garbage smelt. My mom was salty with Maria and me because we’d been doing a lot of bickering lately.

I was the kind of kid that said “ whatever “ and “ I don’t know” a lot. I had short, dirty blond hair. I was also very tall for my age. I had deep, light blue eyes. My behavior was like an ordinary six year old, but I was a little more interesting. I was pretty high strung when I was that age. I had a good sense of humor and little offended me. It was hard to make me angry; I was pretty laid back at that age. I was caring, happy, and sometimes a big softy. I also was sometimes very loud. I was probably only quiet in my sleep because in the morning it’s time to play twenty questions.

Then Maria and I went to our room. All of a sudden Maria started crying. Of course my mom came to investigate why. Maria sobbed, “Destiny won’t teach me how to read because she said I’m too young.”

“Just teach her how to read”, said my mom” so she’ll stop crying!”

“But I don’t want to, she’s too young”, I wined.

“Teach her so at least she’ll stop crying”, my mom pleaded.

“FINE, I’ll teach her how to read just so she’ll be quiet.” I said sourly

“Yaaaaaahhh”, Maria screamed while jumping up and down. I was mad at her, but I still taught her how to read.

After teaching Maria how to read I felt conscientious. I mean at first while I was teaching her I was mad. I thought she was too young to read. As she caught on and started to sound out the words I started to become more and more pleased with her reading. A year passed and I was seven years old, reading chapter books and Maria was three years old, reading novels. I was pleased then and I’m still pleased to this day. That is my special day that I will never forget.

Destiny M, 14, Ohio, USA

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