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Have you ever rescued a young homeless puppy? On a nice, warm day in the summer of 2008, the sun was very bright, not a cloud in the sky, I heard a young puppy yelp. I thought it might be in my backyard, so I looked out my window to check. I soon saw a small, cinnamon brown puppy. She was young, maybe a month or two old. I guess my sister heard her at about that time, because she came bursting out the door. So I left to go outside. We didn’t know what to do, so we just tried to pick her up. She got quickly scared, and ran away. But she came back, and in about a week, she grew to trust us.

The next few days in my backyard sped by like cats running from dogs. It was summer, so the days were supposed to be longer, but they didn’t feel longer at all. It was outside on one beautiful day, the smell of lawn mower and Bar-B-Q filled the air, when we noticed something. The night before had been so shivering cold, and we saw the cute little puppy, we named her Cinnamon, lying in the dew-wet grass.

“What if Cinnamon slept there last night? Wouldn’t she get sick from the weather?” Natali asked my mom. My mom replied nervously, “I…I suppose she could come inside with us…”

Natali and I were very excited about having Cinnamon inside with us. We had it stuck in our heads that we would be keeping our new puppy forever, but we were wrong. My mom kept watching us playing with Cinnamon. Playing fetch and running around, things we knew by now that she loved to do. It seemed as if my mom didn’t like it when we played with her. She is usually a very nice person, but I was beginning to think that we wouldn’t keep Cinnamon after all. Natali must have not noticed, because she kept on being her normal happy self. But, things changed for the better in the end.

After a few days with Cinnamon inside, we noticed a big problem. Our dog Shiloh did not like Cinnamon at all. In fact, she was aggressive towards her. We knew this would be a huge problem if Cinnamon was going to live with us. My mom suggested that we take her to the Wayne County Humane Society, but Natali and I hated this idea. We protested.

“Mom, they can learn to like each other!” I said.

“Nikki, it is not that simple,” Mom said, “it takes more than that.”

“It could be that simple!” Natali shouted.

Eventually, Natali and I learned that it would be better for Cinnamon if she had a home with a friendlier environment. We talked to the Humane Society. A couple days later, they found a family that had three little boys for her to run around and play with. We were ecstatic!

I learned some responsibility from this experience. I really did want to keep Cinnamon, but because Shiloh and her did not get along, we had to make the right choice, the harder one. So now Cinnamon has a better life, and I am more responsible because of that.

Nikki E, 14, Ohio, USA

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