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A Bad and Horrible Crash

It was a normal day but something bad was about to happen. My brother and I just got home from school. We were bored and wanted to do something. So we were going to ride bikes.  Tyler and I went to the Park and to E. Elementary School too. On the way we talked to some of our friends. I felt that the handle bars were loose but I didn’t care. So we rode home, it took us an hour and half to get home. Then as I was riding down the hill, tragedy struck, the black rubbery handle bars flew off and I crashed. I hit the rough rocky gravel. Then I slammed into the front of my hard cement porch.

I was at Edison school, which smelled like, burnt rubber. I was walking home when I saw a fresh blueberry pie and nearly ate it. Then I saw my home.  It was like a roller coaster it was exciting and scary. Then I was sad afterwards.

I hit a super hard porch and I was laughing so hard I sounded like hygiene. Then I had light brown and brown eyes. I was really small back then. I was just getting started with riding bikes. When I hit the porch it took me awhile to get back on the bike. I was so scared that getting near a bike would scare me.

Going high speeds down the street. We came flying up the hill hitting about twenty I turned and my tires squealed I went down a gravel hill bumping and shaking. The handles fell off then I skid then hit the porch. Then as I threw my bike away I remembered all the good and the bad but mostly the bad. Finally I slowly hopped away thinking man “I’m going to miss that bike” whimpered Kyle “I will get you a new bike” Kyle announced dad “ha, ha, ha,” mocked Tyler. “I wish I had a bike!” cried Kyle.

It was a tragic day I will never forget. I learned that I need to be faster on things. A trait that day learned that day was courage to hit the porch. That you always check on parts or you’ll pay for it. This is a magical moment because I will never forget it and it also hurt a lot.

Kyle H, 14, Ohio, USA

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