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A Very Troubled Friend

How do you cheer up a depressed friend?  Well, about seven years ago an important gymnastics class at the Gymnastics Center was about to begin. I was in that late night class and so was my uneasy, somewhat depressed friend Meg.

The gymnastics center was the perfect place to practice our floor exercises.  It was a large room full of difficult tasks that we would soon have to perform.  There was a loud roar of music in the near background.  Loud hard at work children were all over screaming quite loudly, disturbing us.  But overall it was the perfect place to practice.

The public class crowd consisted of many small children, myself, Meg.  Meg-a short blond, popular girl that was usually peppy looked like something was bothering her.  She was sitting in the corner, crying.  So I, Brittany, also a blond girl about her height, went over to see if she was okay.  I walked over and asked for like the billionth time,” What’s wrong?” and as expected she responded “Nothin,” even though she didn’t mean it. Then she tells me a story that I would never have expected that usually brave girl to say.

I couldn’t believe it.  Meg’s never scared. Meg told me that she was terrified of proceeding so I went over to try to comfort her.  ”There’s nothing to worry about,”I told her.  “Come on let’s go back out there.”After a moment of silence she responded.

“Thanks for the talk Brittany”, she sobbed,”I feel better”, “Let’s go continue practice.”She said at last.

“Great!” I shouted.  Then I grabbed my friend’s hand and we walked out to practice together.  Then at the championships, I messed up the routine and like a great friend; Meg came over to help me.  Once we were both happy, we became great friends and that has continued all the way up to today.

This experience was truly one great magical moment.  It taught me how to be a great friend and a better person.  I also learned how to be a great leader.  My basic traits of friendships were improved leadership, kindness, and compassion.  During this moment I realized that I love being nice to friends. This is a magical moment because it influenced me to try to speak out and not to be so shy and at the end of it I gained a fantastic, amazing, great friend. This was a great moment.

Brittany, 14, Ohio, USA

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