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It All Falls Down

Lightning may not seem very frightening to you now. But, what if lightning struck a tree that almost hit you. It was the most frightening babysitting job I’ve ever had.  It was around 6:00 one September night at my neighbor’s house. Loud thunder and bright lightning filled the sky. Little three-year old Charlie, the diva eight-year old Lily and shy six-year old Jack were all yelling and screaming. I didn’t think it could get much worse, but it did. A tree fell less than 25 feet away from where we were sitting inside the house

When I left my house it was around 6:00 on September night. The sky was dark, like the deep depths of the ocean; you could not see the sun at all. The air smelled musky like a city dump musky like someone had let some garbage go rotten. All I could hear was the loud roar of the wide, it sounded like a lion protecting its young.

I was calm when I was walking over to my neighbor’s house. I was excited as always to babysitting. It was a chance for me to test my babysitting skills. My always-red face was even redder with the cold air outside. I am a tomboy so I always wore sweat pants and a sweatshirt. When I got to the house, Charlie answered the door as always and said the words I always say, “Sure you will” I just cracked up laughing.

After I got inside the house, the mom, Crissy, gave me her cell phone number. As always Crissy implied “call if there is an emergency”. After Crissy left I had to feed the children so I did. We were watching a movie when the power went out. The power went out and stayed out for about two hours. “Is the power ever going to come back on” Jack asked. It was still thundering and lightning outside but it had gotten worse. A loud crack of thunder followed by lightning filled the sky. Out of nowhere a tree fell less than twenty-five feet away from where we were sitting in the house. Everyone in the house was yelling and screaming except for me. I took control and got everyone to calm down, except for Lily. “You’re not the Boss of me” Lily said,”I live here you don’t I can put you in a time out”.

We played board games and played cards. Finally the power came back one. Everybody was already in bed and asleep. When Crissy came home, I told her everything that happened. Crissy said, “I’m impressed”.

My magical moment was meaningful to me because, it was the first time I was really in charge and the first time I was really responsible for someone else. I learned that I am a leader. It felt like I developed responsibility, courage and strength. For interpersonal skills I developed leadership, cooperation and communication. I can handle anything now. This magical moment was magical to me because, when Crissy came home she said she was very impressed with me. When she said that, it made me happy and proud of myself.

Courtney P, 14, Ohio, USA

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