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My birthday

March the 10th, 2009 was my birthday and I think that everyone living in this world cannot forget his or her birthday date. It was for me a big moment and I thank God for giving me this chance to live during these 18 years in good health and being able to share this joy with all my friends.

God has brought joy, peace, and progress in my life. I give thanks for being in a school with faithful companions who supported, advised, encouraged and financed me. And being able to share my joy with them. I will never forget these people (parents and friends) who gave everything to me that day. When thanking them, they told me: “Don’t mention! You are now matured. Soon, very soon it will be your turn to take over. So goes the world! With God’s help Inshallah!”

Now, for me a new life starts and I am glad to be among the adults where I will use my right to take decisions.

Boureima, 18, Niamey, Niger

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