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Helping a couple with birth

On Saturday, 8th of March, 2008 while the women were celebrating the International Women’s Day, a woman in my neighborhood was in a difficult situation because she was having labor pains. It was three hours later that her husband felt the need to knock on my door, looking for help to carry his wife to the maternity. I had to act without delay! So I drove the car, and led them and waited until the woman delivered a baby girl. Since the woman had to stay for medical monitoring after giving birth, I got an excuse from her husband to drive back home. I gave 3000 CFA to the husband as a contribution to the urgent expenses. The latter thanked me with all his heart.

It was really a magical moment for me because I did not only help the couple but also got blessings from them. I was touched by their thankfulness, but for me the most important thing is to have established equity between people with means and those with low incomes.

Abdul, 18, Niamey, Niger

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