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3rd Oct 2010Posted in: Magical Moments Comments Off on Encouragement

I calmed down my friend who was desperate and discouraged because of poor grades he was getting at the beginning of the academic year.

He was a repeater because he had failed his first examination and had to take the class again, but in another school where he transferred to. He tried his best to pass his exam by working harder and harder. However, the grades he got remained unchanged – always bad! This affected him and he gave up without notice. As his closest friend, I begged him, consoled him and often sent him messages to return to school, all without success.

After several attempts, I finally remembered something he told me a year before when I was discouraged by a similar situation. He said “these are just the first notes and note that the school year is for nine months. Try to take your breath and you will see a net improvement in the second half.” So, I played that last card by reminding him of his own words. Thus, he smiled and began to agree with me, and to take up the challenge and return to school.

Since that day he had developed a good mood and thank God, he passed all his courses by the end of the year.

Alice, 16, Niamey, Niger

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