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3rd Oct 2010Posted in: Magical Moments Comments Off on Relieve her hunger for a day
Relieve her hunger for a day

One day while I was walking, I came across a woman who was so tired looking that she attracted my attention. I observed her for a few moments and realized through her attitude that she was hungry. Looking at her, I felt something in my heart that urged me to help her.

Fortunately, there was a shop close to where I saw her. I then stepped into the store to buy food and drink for the elder woman. After shopping, I walked towards the old woman with the shopping bag containing what I bought – just what was necessary to relieve her hunger for a day. Surprised, she took the bag without questioning me. I said “It is for you”. And she replied by thanking me for a long time, praying God to assist me too in my activities. Since that moment, I felt myself in peace and was very happy to have made a humanitarian gesture.

Aminatou, 16, Niamey, Niger

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